Dallaire Institute's Podcast

Putting Children's Rights Upfront

April 30, 2021 Dallaire Institute Episode 3
Dallaire Institute's Podcast
Putting Children's Rights Upfront
Show Notes

A Children’s Rights Upfront (CRU) Approach seeks to elevate children’s well-being higher up on the international peace and security agenda both in terms of making it a priority for all actors, as well as by ensuring children and youth participate in peace processes that impact their future. 

This month, Amara spoke with Lt General Dallaire about the importance of the Children’s Rights Upfront (CRU) Approach. 

The Acting Director of the African Centre of Excellence for Children Peace and Security (ACoE), Francisca Mujawase, tells us the work of the ACoE. 

And Arsene Tshidimu talks about the Dallaire Institute Radio programs in The DRC,  their success and his work with the security sector in the country.  

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